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CPR for New Parents

When first time pregnant couples are expecting a new baby, there is so much to anticipate and get excited about. Too often, in the mix of decorating rooms, hosting baby showers, and announcing the news to loved ones, mothers and fathers either forget or don’t see the need for taking a CPR class. No matter how attentive parents are, babies still put objects in their mouths. In many cases, what can save a chocking infant is not the ambulance worker; it is the parent on the phone with the ambulance worker. Even though infant mortality in DC has dropped, the importance of CPR training for expectant parents has not decreased. Little ones can still accidentally suffocate themselves or block their air passages with small items, including food.

Choking and suffocation are the leading causes of death for infants under one year old. Respiratory scares and submersion can be immediately responded to with CPR. Pediatric attention in critical situations doesn’t have to start with a medical professional; parents and parent groups can learn First Aid and CPR. Classes in the DC metropolitan area are made convenient by The Heart Center. We offer classes at childcare facilities, community centers, hospitals, government sites and more locations around the metro area. We now also offer our PALS certification online, along with our other certification courses.

Having these lifesaving skills are beneficial for other babies too. When chaperoning your toddlers field trip or on the playground, you can potentially relieve choking or open blocked passage ways using skills learned in pediatric CPR education. A parent’s emergency response preparation for infants and children can be what stands between life and death for a baby.

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