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Using it to unite your staff.

For many workplaces, building team unity is a challenging task. The traditional way to address a lack of team spirit within the ranks is with group outings, company parties, and other various team building exercises. However workplace CPR training may be the one practice that ends up saving the morale of your employees, not to mention their lives.

The Heart Center

When your team is in disarray, bringing them back together takes exercises that force them to rely on each other. With communication, members begin to bond and gel with each other. And as they work with each other to complete a common goal, in this case CPR, that familiarity translates into the workplace. They develop a trust through training, which is a valuable characteristic for a working team.
At The Heart Center Emergency Response Training & Stimulation, our instructors are not just instrumental in building your team’s knowledge and trust of each other. They are also key in teaching an immensely valuable skill, one that can save both the life of an employee and the company.
We are authorized providers of CPR training from the American Heart Association and are qualified to help you and your employees. Visit our website or call (202)-536-7972 for more information!

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