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Online HeartCode® BLS

The Heart Center is now proud to offer AHA’s HeartCode®BLS web-based certification. The 3 part course targets healthcare providers that prefer a self-directed alternative to learning Basic Life Support, and delivers its content through eSimulation, where students will interact in real-time with virtual critical patient scenarios.

About Heartcode® BLS

Part 1 of the course is taught online in an interactive format. After completion, parts 2 and 3 (skills practice and testing) will be conducted by an authorized AHA BLS instructor for the completion of the certification. You will be supplied with a pocket mask and bag-mask device to practice responding to emergency situations, which helps to prepare you to respond correctly if a real emergency occurs in the future. A demo is available at

HeartCode®BLS prerequisites are minimal, as this certification is typically earned for educational purposes or for employment qualification. This course is a great fit for healthcare providers that prefer the online format to a classroom, for either their initial or renewal BLS certification.

Course Breakdown for Part 1

• 14 BLS videos and 2 tutorials
• 5 interactive eSimulation patient cases in critical conditions
• Multiple choice 25 question exam testing cognitive knowledge
• Test will immediately alert to incorrect answers and refer to appropriate section

Key changes in Basic Life Support reflecting 2010 AHA Guidelines will be covered. The class is not only for nurses, physicians, and EMS responders – college students and allied health professionals such as physical therapist can also sign up.

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