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Going Digital

untitledOptimize your staff’s training with online classes

Workplace training saves lives, plain and simple. You never know when a heart related incident is going to strike so it’s best to be prepared. If you manage a large team, than you know how difficult it can be to coordinate such an endeavor. Thankfully, online training has risen to prominence as viable way to teach a sizable office the techniques that can save lives.

As far as content is concerned, nothing changes. You’d learn the same thing from an online PALS course, as you would from a human instructor. The differences lay in the rate of instruction, and location. You may even find that many of your team members will approach training more enthusiastically when it’s on their own time.

There’s nothing worse than a death at the workplace. At its worst, situations like that can completely destroy companies. So even if you’re busy, making time to train your staff is worth the investment. And in the Washington DC area, we, at The Heart Center, have made it easier for busy companies by providing quality, American Heart Association-approved, online courses.

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