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The Precordial Thump

It’s old school. It looks cool. Its rarely done. It’s back. The precordial thump is now back in the 2010 ACLS guidelines. 2010 (New): The precordial thump should not be used for unwitnessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The precordial thump may be considered for patients with witnessed, monitored, unstable VT (including pulseless VT) if a defibrillator is not immediately ready for ...

ACLS Class Agenda

We follow this fairly closely. However, depending on lunch, breaks, and the classes preperation and experience class time can be shortened.

ACLS CPR and AED Skills Checklist

During class we will review Adult CPR and AED skills and you will be tested.

Megacode Skills Checks

No tricks! Here is exactly what we are looking for during your code scenarios.

Pretest-2005 Guidelines

Though this pretest is now out of date it is still a great study aid and practice test. It is fairly difficult so don't get discouraged. ...and remember ignore the questions on Atropine and PEA

ILCOR-ALS Guidelines 2010

The 2010 ILCOR contains all the studies, opinions, and science that forms the basis for the 2010 ACLS Provider Manual. It is a very interesting and useful study aid.