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Moms On The Hill

Moms on The Hill
(A thank you from The Heart Center)

Moms on The Hill (MoTH for those in the know) is a moms group located on Capitol Hill. MoTH is a huge, fairly exclusive parenting group, and an excellent resource for any current or soon-to-be-mom. Through an incredible stroke of luck the very first Infant CPR class The Heart Center ever taught was for a member of MoTH and her husband. Starting a new business is an incredibly stressful and nerve wracking endeavor and if it wasn’t for MoTH I am not sure we would have survived those first few months. All the parents I have met through this group have been extremely kind, friendly, and helpful parents.
The Heart Center provides CPR and First Aid classes and we have been honored to be recommended by many MoTH to other expecting or current moms. In an attempt to show our incredible appreciation for the wonderful word of mouth we offer our very best discount to MoTH hill members and preferential scheduling. The Heart Center endeavors to provide not only the best experience based CPR and First Aid classes in the DC area but also to be extremely accommodating to new or current moms. We realize that moms have very little free time and that child care can be expensive and problematic so we are happy to have parents bring their children to our classes.
The Heart Center is indebted to MoTH and we hope to continue to be a helpful resource in the future. If you are a MoTH and wish to schedule a CPR or First Aid training class please call or email and we will provide you with the best CPR training in the DC metro area.

John Hawkins

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